Jalang'o paid my nine months rent, Shaniqwa opens up

• Shaniqwa was left depressed after his wife left him for another man.

Comedian Shaniqwa with his ex wife
Comedian Shaniqwa with his ex wife
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Comedian Kevin Mwangi, popularly known as Shaniqwa has opened up about his grace to grass story after he lost his job at KTN.

Speaking to Jeff Kuria's show, the father of one said he was left jobless after KTN fired him.

"I didn't even want people to know I was fired but yes, I lost the job and lost hope."

He said he was left depressed after his wife Naomi Jemutai also known as Mkale Msungu left him for another man.

While on the verge of giving up, he said his friends held his hand.

"After, I started drinking and one day I fainted in the house as I had not eaten for three days."

He said he had not paid his house rent for seven months but one call to Jalang'o changed his life.

"One day I woke up and sent a message to Jalang'o in the morning. After his breakfast show, he called me and asked me, 'My bro are you okay? I gave him my story, I had not paid my rent for seven months," he said.

"Jalang'o asked me what I wanted him to help me, I asked him to pay my rent. He asked me for the landlord's number. He cleared the rent and paid two more months. I started looking for Desagu and shoot with him. I started feeling the love from my fans. I started putting content on YouTube."

Shaniqwa said that when things had started working out, his baby mama called and asked to come back only for her to leave again after two days.

He is raising his son alone.

Watch the whole interview below;

Kelvin Mwangi aka Shaniqwa Shaniqwa speaks out about his career,family and how he almost gave up. Its been a journey I sank to depression and went to drinking. My wife left me at my lowest Jalango paid my rent. #jeshi001 #newvideoalert #Shaniqwa

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