Nadia Mukami with Priyan(left) and with Arrow Bwoy(Right)
Nadia Mukami with Priyan(left) and with Arrow Bwoy(Right)
Image: Courtesy/ Instagram

Self proclaimed Africa Pop Star Nadia Mukami is trying to keep her bedroom matters out of the headlines.

The Wangu hitmakers who is on a mega successful US tour has an interactive Instagram QnA session with her ever curious fans.

As usual one fan asked about her tour and if she has decided to relocate to the states.

Nadia responded, "I love Kenya but I wouldn't mind relocating it's a good place ya kuraise watoto."

In a recent interview, Nadia told Gerry Wainaina a Kenyan based in Washington that she is ready to walk down the aisle ASAP. 

Gushing about Arrow boy, she said, "He is my friend, my safe space. If he doesn't propose, I will propose."

Adding, "I cannot start dating someone and they start asking me, what is your favourite colour and we start pretending before we know each other."

During her QnA session a fan asked her if she is ready to have children, the Maombi songstress replied, "Waiting on God."

A more brazen fan, asked, "Do you ever break up  with Arrow Bwuoy then get back together?"

She admitted, "Maybe kupitana tuu once in a while."

Adding that the best gift she offers her ma is, "support na peace of mind."

Social media in-laws wanted to know "How many relationships had you been in before meeting Arrow Bwouy?"

Nadia evaded the questions saying, "I am avoiding headlines nitakuDM."

The couple will be vacationing in the states before they jet back to Nairobi.

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