•Singer has been rumoured to be in relationships with prominent people

Tanzanian singer Lulu Diva says that it is normal for people to snatch other people's partners from them.

She said this in a recent interview where she was promoting her new song 'Kawaida' which talks about vices that have been normalized

Part of the lyrics read;

"Kwani We Ujawahi Kusikia Mtu Kachukulia Bwana ?...Mume wa mtu naye kufanywa sponsor ni Kawaida" (Have you not heard people having their hubbys snatched? And what about someone's husband becoming another's sugar daddy? It has now become the norm)

In the interview, Lulu Diva said, "This has become normal in our daily lives, Is it your first time to hear that someone snatched someone's husband?"

Her song has become a topic of discussion as she has been rumoured to have dated prominent people, something she's never come out to confirm nor deny.

At one point she was rumoured to have been the cause of Diamond and Tanasha's break up. Lulu Diva shut down the rumours very fast saying she isn't Diamond's bae.

She was also linked to Starehe MP Charles 'Jaguar' Njagua, and again, she came out to say that she and Jaguar are simply friends.

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