Brown Mauzo is in the news after declaring that he would be giving his wife, Vera Sidika, a push gift of a shamba!

Yep. The singer borrowed a leaf from American comedy icon, Tifanny Haddish, who said that she wouldn't want a ring if her man popped the question;

"You know, they present you with a ring. I want him to present me with the deed to a duplex or a 36-plex. Present me with an apartment building," she said. 

Over the weekend, Brown Mauzo followed suit and gifted Vera with an envelope in which he claimed there was a deed for a piece of land.

"I saw that most of the time when we go there we go to an apartment. So it is important that we have a section where in future we can stay."

Vera accepted the gift with joy and celebration;

"I don't even know how I feel. Brown Mauzo, you are everything I prayed for and more. Generational wealth. such a thoughtful gift. I know our kids will have the best future."

Now, this is where I come in. Why is a man like Brown Mauzo well and able to give Vera land while one of his baby mama's called Mama Lareesa was bitterly complaining about child support?

Well, my theories are below;

1. Brown knows where his bread is buttered and that means keeping Vera happy ( He needs her more than she needs him). While I have my suspicions that he didn't buy the land himself (unproven of course), this makes Vera look good and valued among her peers.

2. The other theory is that Brown just doesn't care that much about the other baby mamas. Why? Having a favourite wife has always been a fixture over millennia.

This is normal human behaviour. Men who have multiple wives or lovers will always have a favourite and Brown is just showing it in this case.

3. Brown is just not a good human being. Most men with multiple baby mamas (like American rapper, Future) are rarely altruistic in their behaviours. They only care about themselves, everyone else be damned, in this case, all his previous baby mamas before Vera.

4. There is the possibility that his previous baby mamas have been impediments in Brown seeing and having a relationship with his kids. 

Many men who are prevented from seeing their kids by the baby mamas stop paying any child support as they can't have a relationship with those kids. (They say that the kid will look for them when they become an adult and they will explain their reasons). 

Let's not forget that this is Kenya. This country has the highest rate of single motherhood in Africa and very low enforcement of child support among people in the middle class and below, so people who don't pay can skate free forever.

But I could be wrong...

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