• Ombachi shared a fish meal that he prepared for his son and fed him. 

Dennis Ombachi
Image: Instagram

Rugby Sevens star Dennis Ombachi has shown his enthusiasm not only in sports but also in the kitchen. 

The roaming chef, as he describes himself has been sharing videos cooking for his family and feeding his toddler. 

Recently, Ombachi shared a fish meal that he prepared for his son and fed him. 

He said cooking and feeding his son was his way of showing love as a parent. 

"My mother(my 1st celebrity chef) expressed her love to us through food and even though we didn’t have much, we never lacked.

I intend to do the same or even better to you my son by showing you the amazing and diverse world we live in through the foods I will be feeding you," Ombachi explained in part. 

Before this, the roaming chef had shared some baby feeding wisdom with parents, urging them t make babies' food more interesting unlike the traditional mashing of boiled meals. 

Ombachi's way of showing love to his son has sparked mixed reactions.

A section of Kenyans have hailed the Rugby star for conquering traditional beliefs that 'a man is not supposed to cook and feed a baby.'

@ Boniface Mwangi - "Taking care of your child isn’t the work of the house help. It’s your job as a parent to feed your child, to bathe them and when the time comes, you teach them how to feed themselves, bathe, and wipe their ass properly. It’s clear Jack, your parents failed to do that for you!"

But for the indigenous African men, whatever Ombachi is doing is unacceptable. 

@ Jack - "Kwani @ombachi13 hana bibi ama he's just too mean to employ a house help? Why is he doing all those women chores." 

On his part, Ombachi says he does all this because of love and hasn't fallen short of money to employ a nanny at his home. 

He has told off the trolls who have been questioning why he performs what is popularly termed as 'Wifey' duties.

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