•The singer has apologized to fans

Otile Brown
Image: Courtesy

 Otile Brown's songs that were pulled down on Youtube are back. Through his management, the singer said in a statement that the songs were removed without his consent.

The songs are  Dusuma; Chaguo la moyo; Baby love; Hi; Watoto na Pombe; In love; Samantha; Aiyana; Crush; Regina; Ndagukunda; and Jamila.

"We cannot get into the specific reasons that led to the deletion but we would like to assure you that we took up the issue with our legal team, partners and with YouTube /Google who confirmed that there had been an issue but assured us that they are working to resolve, restore and reinstate the content," said the artiste in a statement

The singer went on to apologize;

"We wish to extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience occasioned by this unprecedented set back and most importantly thank you for all your support as we work hard to resolve this issue. We endeavor to keep you updated as more progress is realized."

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