• Jua Cali took to Instagram to pay tribute to the mother of his children thanking her for representing the family well in the public.

Jua Cali with his wife
Jua Cali with his wife

Rapper Jua Cali is an amazing husband who appreciates his wife for everything she does for the family.

Today, he took his time and dedicated a sweet message to his wife Lilly Asigo, reminding her that he adores who she has become.

"Watu wangu help me wish my lovely wife a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being the light of the family. Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for representing us well in public.

Thank you for being a great mum to our kids. Thank you for the strength you give me to push on in this tough industry.

Shukran kwa kuniwekea makeUp kwa video shoot zangu he he he. Proud of you for always following your dreams and I will always support you 100 per cent.

This is a very special day for you may you live to blow a thousand candles. Enjoy kabisa!!! Tunakupenda Happy birthday."

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