•Tanasha said this at Alikiba's listening party

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha Donna
Image: Courtesy

Tanasha Donna confirmed that she indeed refused to be featured as the video vixen to Diamond's music video 'Naanzaje'

The DonnaTella hitmaker confirmed this while at an interview with our very own Kalondu Musyimi.

This is after Diamond's video director Hascana revealed that the singer opted to fly in a model from Dubai after Tanasha turned him down.

Asked whether she indeed said no to the music mogul, Tanasha said,'Yes...'

Here are some reactions from fans over that video vixen story.

Matrieyann94: Kabsaa, he thought atamtumia tena, some of us learn from mistakes.....alianguka yooo

Van_Imagepro: Ishu Ni ya Alikiba lakin katrend Dia

Mariambalele: Anaakili Sana, hata Wema katumika juz kwenye kiki ya wimbo.

Rozal23: Diamond has a spiritual wife, he can't get married unless he receives deliverance.

Elizabeth wange: Tanasha is very smart with the way she responds to interviews. She’s going far!!! I just love her

SirAllanois: We all know the truth.. this is just pr

elizaveth wangwe: Diamond and Tanasha was over kitambo, Everything the poor girl does we have to bring in Diamond?? Really??? She was invited na akaenda, akaulizwa maswali akajibu shida iko wapi?? Is Diamond God ati Tanasha shouldn’t have a life eti impressing him?? Btw Diamond really tried to get Tanasha back but she refused and moved on, ingekua wengine we could be having another story so please leave her, Tee is very smart .

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