• He mentioned politician Alinur Mohamed as one of the people who have not delivered on his promises. 

Jalang'o and Sande
Jalang'o and Sande
Image: courtesy

Sande Mayua alias Mtumba guy raised concern yesterday after claiming to have been given empty promises by brands. 

A month ago, Sande left his mitumba business in Kisumu and landed in Nairobi after an intervention by comedian Jalang'o. 

In the city, many businesses and media personalities associated themselves with the Mtumba man since he was a big internet sensation. 

After spending more than a month in the city, Sande called it quits yesterday, saying that people have not kept their promises to him. 

He mentioned politician Alinur Mohamed as one of the people who have not delivered his promises. 

However, Jalang'o has come out to explain why Sande is on a rant. 

He explained; 

"Odi bets got him the 50k, Notify logistics got him 50k and had his 2 bales on their shelves, Best Mutumba got him 2 bales worth 50k, Devine collection got him a house and 50k for his settling in Nairobi.

I think what is frustrating him now is how his phone that was ringing all the time, is now silent. I just want to kindly ask anyone who promised him anything and has not delivered please do. One thing I know is that people also quickly move on from one trend to another but all will be fine."

Jalang'o said that Sande might be holding onto high expectations due to the pressure he is receiving back home.

"I'll call him and help him where I can. I know his people back in the village now know that he is a millionaire so I can imagine the pressure. Dont worry mtumba man all will be well," he said.

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