• Amber ray says she has not lost hope in relationships and marriage either way. 

Amber Ray and Jimal
Image: Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray has said his relationship with businessman Jamal Marlow had become toxix, hence the breakup. 

According to Amber, the couple amicably reached a decision to part ways months ago. 

"The relationship was getting toxic for both of us. We agreed on a mutual breakup. Anyway, we are happy. Life is for the living," she told a fan on her Instagram. 

In the Q&A session on her Instagram, the mother of one said that she has not lost hope in relationships and marriage either way. 

"Of course I do believe in love and marriage, but again if it is toxic for me, it is not worth it."

Last week, Jamal Marlow, popularly known as Jimal Rohosafi told Mpasho that he had broken up with Amber Ray. 

He said that he is trying to make peace with his wife Amira. For this reason, he resorted to gifting her. 

"You know my wife is the most precious thing I have ever had. She has been with me for so long. I have three types of gifts to offer her, the first two, I have already given her.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max and another one. Her phone had issues and after I asked her what she wanted, she mentioned a phone as one of the gifts. Then there is one major she will announce to her fans at the right time," he said.

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