Either he is mean to himself or he is broke, these are the words two MPs were overheard recently remarked about one of their colleague, who is said to be sleeping in backstreet lodges.

The MP from Nyanza, who once had a flourishing career, has been spotted on several occasions at a "bed and breakfast" lodge in Narok county. To disguise himself from would-be pesky members of the public, the legislator is said to prefer to take his breakfast inside his car that is always parked within the lodge compound. 


Just who is the beneficiary of a spate of public land grabbing by a mysterious businesswoman in Nairobi? The businesswoman with three questionable National IDS is linked to the fraudulent acquisition of three public properties in Eastleigh, Parklands and along Juja Road. Nothing has been done, despite complaints being lodged by police and immigration about the suspicious activities. How an unscrupulous individual can grab public property, build and take a loan with fake documents without the bank conducting due diligence is a question only the bank, Immigration, and land departments can be answered.


Just hours after Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi pulled out of the Siaya gubernatorial race, there were whispers in the corridors of Parliament that another high-profile MP from a neighbouring county could also shelve his ambitions. Why? There have been concerns among some MPs that the 2022 gubernatorial contest would be a major career killer. The  MP is said to be considering dropping out because polls show he is among the weakest candidates in the race. With the issues of clan politics taking centre stage, it’s said he is starting the race from a disadvantaged position because his clan is a minority. Only time will tell if the man will heed the advice of some of his advisors.

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