Larry Madowo recently took an L when interviewing a guest on his CNN show. Larry was interviewing Ghanaian Mp, Sam George about the country's recent law on gay rights.

Larry was asking why the West African nation was passing an anti-LGBTQ law in Ghana. He asked, "Why are you pushing this bill that would  legalise hate and homophobia in Ghana?"

The legislator didn't take the insinuation laying down, responding, "I do not understand what you mean when you saying that I am pushing a bill that would legalise hate and homophobia. It is a bill to promote proper sexual human rights and Ghanaian family values. If you have another bill that you're talking about then maybe you are talking to the wrong man."

"What are these Ghanain family values," Madowo countered? "Article 39 of the Ghanaian constitution is clear that the state shall take steps to inculcate the right Ghanaian customary value. Ghanaian culture forbids homosexuality," Mr. George replied.

"But aren't Ghanaian LGBTQ members also part of the Ghanaian culture," Larry retorted?

"Some of the individuals involved in funding terror activities in America are American. Is it American culture to kill people?" the politician asked.

"That's a false comparison, Just because it is the law doesn't mean it is just," Madowo retorted. 

"Laws are a reflection of the society. Until 1960 (actually, it was 1920) , American's didn't allow women to vote and so women didn't vote then. It was when society evolved that they were allowed to vote. Until Ghanaian society evolves, we aren't welcoming of homosexuality in our culture and any other person must respect the views of our society," Sam explained.

"What would the MP tell LGBTQ people who are afraid for their safety when the law takes effect?" Larry asked.

"Every person breaking a law should be afraid of the law. Let's also remember this, the USA in 2021 is still the most dangerous place for homosexuals," Mr. George countered. 

"But this isn't about the USA, it's about Ghana, sir," Larry said. Check out the whole exhange below;

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