Jalang'o was recently a guest on BTG news where he unloaded on former radio presenter Andrew Kibe. 

The famous MC and aspiring politician also spoke on the rumours that Kibe was being kept by a much older woman in America, where he is currently residing.

Jalang'o took the opportunity to savagely troll the lanky Kibe saying;

"Hiyo ndiyo mbwakni! Imagine kutoka hapa kuenda kuwekwa na mama. Kama ni ukweli anawekwa na mama. Lakini unajua anapenda wamama sana! Na hiyo ndiyo utamu wake. Mapenzi ya mama, unapata mapenzi na bado unakuwa kama mtoto wake. Anakwambia, 'Baba, baba'. Anakumpenda kama mama yako."


"Lakini sasa sujiu kama sugar mummy bado ako. Venye bei ya sukari imepanda sijui anasurvive aje. Kama amelemewa, arudi tufanye kazi. Kuna nafasi kubwa tutafanya job. Usijali. Andrew usiwekwe na wamama na sisi mandugu wako tuko."

Jalas even offered to help Kibe saying;

"If you're going through any rough and tough time, just reach out we will sort. If he wants to even come tomorrow, my company is called Trippy Go and it will pay for his return ticket. It will even pay for his mystery sugar mummy. They can live in Kenya."

The Kiss100 presenter even offered to help Kibe get some him brand that he could endorse;

"There are many connections we can look for Kibe, but only for condom brands and there are even some who might refuse. But these other brands like Velvex, no one can give him. You know the man."

And why wouldn't Kibe be able to get the family-friendly brands?

"I like how he shoots straight but even us we humbled ourselves to be able to work with cooperates. I don't know if you can watch his Instagram live with your father? Would you love your sister or your child to watch it?"


"I don't think that he has wanted to go in that direction. Ever since he left the Lord, it has been very hard for him. It would take time before cooperates even embrace him. He has to sanitise his whole body first," Jalang'o finished.

Check out the whole interview below;

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