• Jalang'o does not waste any chance he gets to spend time with his wife Amina.

Jalango with wife Amina Chao
Jalango with wife Amina Chao

Kiss FM's Jalang'o says it is not easy balancing family and managing his businesses.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, the Kiss FM's breakfast co-host said he does not waste any chance he gets to spend time with his wife, Amina.

He said he rushes home to try and catch up with his family and maybe even help his kids do their homework.

"It is hard balancing family and work. Anytime I get time, I rush home and do homework with my kids. I also try to catch up with my family. Kiss my beautiful wife, Amina. Nikipata nafasi, napiga yeye busu kila mahali. But she understands we are chasing the paper."

Jalang'o also said he is already interacting with people on the ground as he awaits his resignation to start his campaigns as early as February next year.

"9th February/2022 is my last day working on radio. That is already planned how the transition will be, we are already on the ground working with the youth and the women.

I will officially change my name to Jalango Jalango. I also attend different churches to meet with my people."

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