Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

The cat is now finally out of the bag.

Entertainer Nadia Mukami has finally revealed that she is ready to propose to Arrow Bwoy.

This comes at a time where women are taking on the challenge of snagging the man they want in their life by getting down on one knee.

Check out this video of a city girl who proposed to her bae and he said yes.

Speaking to Gerry Wainaina on his Mkenya Mrekani YouTube channel, Nadia defended her love for Arrow Bwoy.

"The reason why I and Arrow Bwoy have worked is that we are friends. Hii kushinda mumeabiana 'I love you' 10 times a day, hapana."

She added, "Are you, friends? Can I be able to have a situation and share it with him? And he advises me as a friend would? He can annoy me and I would tell him that to his face and we settle that together."

Sighing heavily, Nadia continued, "He is my friend, my safe space. If he doesn't propose, I will propose."

She noted, "I cannot start dating someone and they start asking me, what is your favourite colour and we start pretending before we know each other."

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