Lenana Kariba is one of the most recognisable actors in Kenya not called Pascal Tokodi or Nick Mutuma.

He was one of the thespians that made it big when he replaced the late Kone Nouhoum in Swahili telenovela, Selina, playing the role of Reagan.

The man recently got married to his ‘mzungu’ lover, with the couple now living in the UK and this week decided to engage his fans and followers in an Instagram QnA.

One of the questions that he was asked was whether he had once dated TV girl Betty Kyallo? Lenana was upfront saying that they had indeed dated.

"Yes we dated a looong time ago when we were young."

Lenana Kariba with Betty Kyallo
Image: Courtesy

Lenana adds to a long list of men that have been linked with Betty, from the likes of Dennis Okari, her Somali bae, a prominent Governor and recently, lawyer Nick Ndeda.

Lenana was also asked whether he had quit acting, especially after his marriage a few months ago to his mzungu bae? "Just a small break while I have been in the UK." 

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