TV set on fire
TV set on fire

It was not a good day at work for two Inooro TV presenters after their guest fell down while they were live on air.

It is unclear when this incident happened, but it was during their morning programme dubbed Inooro Ruciini.

The short clip has since gone viral shows the guest bantering with the presenters before he pushed back his chair to the edge of the uplifted platform in the studio ad thus falling down.

One of the hosts stood up to check on the guest while the other one continued with the show since the cameraman was also shooting.

Netizens, of course, turned the moment into a laugh fest and their comments took the joke a step further.

Check out the video if you missed it.

david_waronja: Naskia hakufika chini juu he was ON AIR.

andrew_mbali: Mtu ameanguka na mwingine anasema niwega muno 

call_me_ngendo: Nikienda Interview sitawai vaa skirt

hottwerkerskenya: Woi woi woi Sore Sore Sore

cliff_thecliff: We move on swiftly ni wega muno tuthie na mbere guthikiriria Inooro

cerrah.d: His face when he’s saying woi woi woi, this is the video of the year!!!!! Period!

misswaswa254: Ukienda TV na pesa ya tithe

nimrodnick: The chairs said deuces. Commercial break got me

ritah_betty: S.k si a buy viti pouwa.

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