'I am currently writing Zora show,' William Hausa on life after 'Maria'

• Other shows William has written scripts for include  Mr Speaker and Jastorina."

Dennis Musyoka alias William Hausa
Image: Instagram

'Maria' fans were disappointed after the show came to an end early this year.

The show featured characters such as Yasmeen Saidi as Maria, Dennis Musyoka as William Hausa and Brian Ogana as Luwi Hausa.

After Maria came Zora whose lead character is Sarah Hassan.

William Hausa has in an interview with Hiram Maina revealed that he is the brains behind Zora.

"Currently I am writing Zora and Uriru Wa Wendo. Eric Wainaina and I write Uriru Wa Wendo , we do it in English and give it to someone to translate.

As long as you understand a culture you can write a story in any language. My culture and that of Kkuyu's are very close. I am a farmer, I also run other businesses.

Other shows William has written include  Mr Speaker and Jastorina."

There have been rumours that Maria Season 2 will be airing and we hope it does soon.


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