•Brenda Jons came out as gay a few weeks ago

Brenda Jons
Brenda Jons
Image: Courtesy

Content creator Brenda Jons has announced that her famous 'Plezdent Kingstone' role is coming back. This role put her in the limelight after the animation using her voice went viral.

She announced this while telling her fans to hide their women.

This comes just days after she came out as gay in an Instagram live video.

"I am gay," she said.

"I had invested even in the family. We had already done a family introduction. My mother knew her and her mum knows me. I even sent her mum money when her mum is down. I did everything for that girl."

Now she is back with a warning.

"By the way, hide your girls," she wrote


"Anyway, plesdent kingston is coming back in a few days.... let's hear what mama has to say about things.Enjoy your week loves."

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