• Mejja says his taste in women has greatly changed over the years. 

Image: Instagram

After a decade of being in the showbiz industry, Mejja's view on the ideal woman has changed. 

In a carpool karaoke with Tony Murithi, the singer said he no longer looks at women in terms of their physical appearances only. 

He said that his taste in women has greatly changed over the years. 

"When you are an artist, people expect you to have a girlfriend who looks a certain way. For me that does not work. 

I want a woman who has more apart from beauty, one whom we can sit down and talk about the future. Not only partying," Mejja said. 

The singer explained that you can see if a woman has future plans from the manner in which she conducts herself. 

"A woman who comes to your house, puts things in order and asks about your future is one that will last. Because she wants to be comfortable in her environment."

In the interview, Mejja also spoke about his past relationship that inspired the song 'Siskii.'

"That is a life experience I have gone through, it is a true story. It was bad. Everyone was seeing the lady is a blunder, but you are not seeing.

She had a job that involved being in public, she used to play me. My friends, DJs would tell me to leave her but 'siskii'," he said.

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