Actress Catherine Kamau or Kate Actress as many know her is in a wonderful marriage with producer and actor Phil Karanja.

The couple was blessed with a daughter called Njeri two years ago. But would Kate who already had a son from a previous relationship consider having another child?

The 34-year-old actress recently spoke to SPM Buzz and touched on the topic of having more kids with Phil.

She said that she didn't have any plans to have more kids, saying that the two kids she already has are plenty enough for her. "I have two children and am done."

During the same interview, Kate also revealed that she tries to make sure that her personal life doesn't affect her career in any way.  "I try as much as possible to re-invest myself once in a while; so I can keep up with the trend," she said.

Kate has been married to Phillip, a former Tahidi High actor since November 17, 2017. Before they got together, Kate complained that many men had treated her poorly cause she was a single mother in the dating scene;

I was shown fire. I don’t know why some men feel like they are doing you a favour by dating you when you have a child. But what I learned is how they will treat you. Some were good but wengine walinionyesha moto.”

She added that she never liked Phil in the beginning;

At first I never liked Phil I felt he was too uptight. He kept telling me that I needed to think about my life. Alikua ananibore. I felt afadhali Abel as he was not as uptight as Phil. When I rebranded myself I would go to him to ask for advice that is when we started becoming more than friends. But no one believed us when we started dating. When I introduced my son to Phil he was very anxious but he was determined. The relationship was very straining but that’s in the past."

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