• Maureen says it has not been easy working, parenting, and at the same time dating. 

Maureen Waititu
Image: Instagram

Social media influencer Maureen Waititu has shared how her recent weight gain has brought her down. 

The mother of two says that she has been having a lot on her plate recently, having no time to hit the gym. 

For this reason, Maureen says she has added weight and it has affected her since she has been body shamed. 

"I haven't been feeling too nice after adding a few kilos in the last few months due to long hours of work, not working out barely getting any sleep, and some body-shaming from mean people but I am trying my best to appreciate what i have been able to achieve every single day," she shared. 

Maureen explains that it has not been easy working, parenting, and at the same time dating. 

"As i juggle so much from motherhood, provider, girlfriend and an overall human without dropping the ball. Onto another day, such is adulting but oh my! They never warned us about burnouts. I feel horribly fatigued," she added. 

In her recent interview with Nation, Maureen shared her insecurities on weight gain. 

In an interview with Nation, Maureen Waititu said she has faced a battle in a bid to reduce weight.

She noted that her biggest motivation is that her partner appreciates her as she is. 

"I have had issues because of my eating habits and medication, but the most important thing is that I am at my healthiest with perfect peace of mind.

My ideal man sees me beyond my physical appearance and isn’t afraid to support my dreams no matter what they are."

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