•"Happy Birthday last born wetu Mungu akupe hitaji la moyo wako." -Lulu Hassan

Image: Instagram

Yasmeen Saiedi alias Maria wa Kitaa is today celebrating her 22nd birthday.

The actress rose to fame for her role in the recently concluded show 'Maria' which aired on Citizen TV.

Jiffy Productions bosses Lulu Hassan and her husband have taken to their socials to celebrate the actress.

"Happy Birthday last born wetu Mungu akupe hitaji la moyo wako @yasmeen_saiedi" Posted Lulu 

Rashid Abdallah also took to his socials to celebrate Maria with the caption below.

"Mungu azidi kumulika kipaji chako na akufungulie milango mingi ya rizki ya kula na kuweka Inshallah. Happy birthday ⭐️ @yasmeen_saiedi"

To celebrate herself, Yasmeen wrote;

"Y’all already know what it is. They say black is king.

Happy birthday Yasmeen!"

Happy birthday Maria Wa Kitaa.

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