‘I feel like a princess around you!’ Milly lovingly tells Kabi

Milly WaJesus and Kabi WaJesus have a love for each other that is other-worldly and would best fit in a fantasy novel.

The couple continues going from strength to strength in their marriage despite the considerable hate that they receive.

This morning Milly decided to serenade her man with some lovely words (as if she needed an excuse to do it!) after the couple took part in a gorgeous photoshoot.

In her post on social media, Milly praised Kabi for making her feel like a princess. She added that she attributed the love he showed her to the Lord Jesus Christ.

”When I’m around you I feel like a princess you are too loving and caring sometimes, I don’t know what I did to deserve a love like this but all I can say It’s Jesus. I will love you forever my king @kabiwajesus may this new year see us create more memories of love."

That the couple is still going strong in 2021 is a testament to the love, sacrifice and devotion that Milly has shown towards Kabi.

Even after it was revealed earlier in the year that her husband had had a child with his own cousin, she still stuck with him!

She wasn't swayed by the plethora of Kenyans who wanted her to abandon ship after such an embarrassing affair.

But it seems her confidence and faith in her man is paying of as the couple are looking more resplendent than ever!

Good for them, I say.

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