Since Nairobi has become the den of situationships and character development for most youth, one question has been burning among Mpasho staff.

That is, would our readers be o.k dating their friend's ex? The answers came hard and fast with a clear split between the respondents.

Nearly half were clearly in the "No" section and the rest in the "Yes" column. Both had some hilarious answers, they are below: 

Ni baba yake tu siwezi date ..... lakini pia akicheza, napepeya.

Ain't saying a word without the presence of my lawyers.

What if your best friends ex is your soul mate....

Naona guilty people tumejaa uku.

100% wrong...

Very wrong in all aspects there are millions of people out there for crying out loud.

I can even make her mom my sugar mommy ..from Bf to stepdad.

Why and they’re also human beings.

Ivo ndio ua tunafanya after every breakup.

That's a very confusing shit...

Hakuna shida.

Waaaah!!! No go zone!

It's wrong.. it's like dating your bro's wife manze.

Yes, and it's wrong. Can't risk ever again.

Yes I will date hapo ndio utatoa moshene vyenye anakudakua hko nje.

Huyu admin skuizi anaongea vitu personal, kwani walikufanyia nn hawa watu.

Very wrong.

Entanglement, maybe.

Uyoo best friend anafanyaa unasahau kama EX ni unga ya chapati Ama Mtu.

No, it's ok.

Your ex Best Friend's what of your best friends ex.

Aiiii kwani ni kesho,,, happiness ....


Mimi siezi angalia mbali na mtu, replacement must come from within.

If some can date their cousins what can hinder them from dating their ex's best friend? Ama itakataa kuingia?

It was so painful, I didn't talk to them for a while.

Ata nko kwake sa hii.

Bila jasho.

Hii swali ni ngumu.

I tried on two.

Not wrong.. Tho I have never.

Alafu uko apo unasema huwezi, utakufa single and lonely

I know... Mi namdate vibaya sana

Heri ikae respect maze.

The fact that he has a title ex means you are no longer together...

Bro ungekua boy ungeelewa.

But until then I understand that friendship should have some sense of understanding.... If you can't have him or her anymore allow him or her to find love wherever without any boundaries.22h1 likeReply

Aiii apana tambua.

Ata mi ni ex wa mtu so tunaezawakilisha.

Love haina mipaka, akicheza ata mamake nampea character development.

Oh yeah it’s wrong!

Nothing wrong at all

Very wrong

And why on God's earth would you do that?

So wrong

Off-limits. It’s a whole plate of naw!!!!

I did, she was waiting for us to break...

"Is it wrong really?" Anyway, bado mnadate siku hizi?

My gaaaaad, imagine dating your ex's sister.

Very wrong I can't.

Kwani admin umeona uraise my case leo.

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