•"There is a seasonal depression that happens very often in the winter and that is what happened to me." -Karun

Miss Karun
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Ex-Camp Mullah member Karun has opened up on her journey with mental health.

Karun says she was diagnosed with anxiety and was at some point depressed and put on medication.

Speaking during the Singleton stories by BikoZulu, Karun shared

"Boston is very cold. When I moved it was in the middle of Winter and it took me a couple of months to get used to it.

That is when I started realizing my mental health. There is a seasonal depression that happens very often in the winter and that is what happened to me.

That is the first time I was on medication for depression."

Karun added;

"I got diagnosed with anxiety. It can show up as overthinking or overanalyzing situations but that has not happened to me yet. It can come through panic attacks.

I had a panic attack at University. People assume mental health is for the White people."

Karun says she sought medication only after traveling to Boston. 

"That is the first time I was on medication.

People do not realize the being young, open, famous and fresh can take a toll on you.

It's different to watch fame from the outside than to actually know what it feels like to be famous.

It was a lot, I am still trying to unpack some of the things that affected me years later trusting people and being open can be hard but being in a group helped."

On why Camp Mulla broke up, Karun says

"I was just 15 and I do not know what happened.

I just knew we did not know what we were doing, we were international level superstars in an industry that did not have structure.

Being a 15-year-old means you have to figure yourself out and that only happens by making mistakes, even now we do not have art that can be exported and work here. The music industry in Kenya makes no sense.

Check out some of her songs below

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