• Daddy Owen's album will be released on the 16th October.

Daddy Owen
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Daddy Owen is set to release his sixth album a few weeks to come.

In a post on his social media, Daddy Owen said he has been working on his album since last year.

"Since last year when I was going through personal issues I decided to embark on a journey in a studio to write and record my 6th Album, it's been a journey emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically."

Early this year in an interview with Citizen TV's Wahiga Mwaura, the Vanity singer revealed that he has been battling depression in silence for fear of being labeled weak by society.

He said the journey has not been easy but he is glad it is complete.

"Everyone has been asking.. here is the answer!  God has been so faithful to me that now I present to u may latest album chapter 4 which al be launching on the 16th of October!! I write this balancing tears coz I know how tough the journey has been .. all I can say is that Jesus is Ebenezer."

Daddy Owen's album will be released on the 16th October.

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