Yvette Obura with her friend, Kinte
Yvette Obura with her friend, Kinte

Bahati's ex, Yvette Obura has set the record straight on her dating life.

The fashionista broadcast to her follower on social media that she is single and she is not dating.

A fan ask her if she is dating, Kinte, a social media influencer and meme lord, Yvette was very diplomatic with the answer.

asked what happened to her engagement, She said"Mapenzi ya Kanairo ni scam."

Adding that her engagement ring also disappeared while she was in a photoshoot at Two Rivers. Someone stole it when she placed it on a table in a changing room during a photoshoot.

Anyhow, Kinte posted a video of himself and Yvette singing and captioned the video, "True friendship is one of the sweetest things in life. Friends are chosen family; they cheer us on through discouraging seasons, celebrate with us on joyous occasions, and lift our head and heart like no one else can. Life's special moments are made brighter by the presence of our dearest friends."

Friend: Kinte
Friend: Kinte

In a past interview, Bahati revealed that he prays for Yvette to get married too.

"First, the mother of your kids is the mother to your kids and there's no day that Yvette will lose respect no matter what. For them to co-parent and work together, Diana needs to feel ako na hiyo respect kama, my wife. When she feels respected she'll respect the mother to my child."  

He further explained that the moment you start doing it with your baby mama, she'll feel like she's on the same level with your wife.

''Men, pray for your ex to also get someone that should bring a lot of peace.''

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