Diamond Platnumz turned 32-years-old this past weekend, something that many people forgot as they saw him celebrate his youngest son, Naseeb Junior's birthday.

Interestingly enough, non of his baby mama's wished "Father Abraham" himself a happy birthday. Yep, Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, and Tanasha Donna all ignored him during his once in a year day.

This is unlike in the past when at least one of them waxed lyrical about the Tanzanian superstar on his special day.

The only people who celebrated the musician were his WCB Family, close friends, and celebrities from different parts of the world.

Thing is, the cold treatment towards the "African Beauty" singer also extended to his favourite child, Princess Tiffah.

Diamond's only daughter was a curious no-show as far as birthday wishes go considering the way her father went all out for her during her birthday a few months ago.

Of course, we know that both Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha control their kids' social media accounts, so them not posting points to an issue with their baby daddy.

Considering the great relationship that Diamond and Zari have had in the past year, one must wonder what happened that has caused Zari to ignore Diamond? Hmmm...

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