• Willis shared a picture of Adana's tattoo that he got on December 31, 2019. 

Willis Raburu
Image: Instagram

TV presenter Willis Raburu has rekindled memories of his firstborn daughter, Adana. 

In a social media post, Willis said October is the month to remember parents who have had premature babies. 

Willis shared a picture of a tattoo he got on December 31, 2019, when his ex-wife Marya Prude became a mother to an angel. 

"In October we remember all parents who have lost children. For me, without me I always remember my Adana," he wrote. 

Willis Raburu went on to encourage all dads who have lost their babies to talk about it. 

He said men are taught to mask emotions, which should not be the case. 

"My heart goes out to any parent who has ever had to suffer this painful loss," Willis shared. 

Years after losing his baby girl, Willis Raburu welcomed a son with his new partner, Ivy Namu. 

He asked people to refer to him as a father of two, saying that he will always hold baby Adana dearly. 

“Recently, I got an amazing young boy. I see Heaven each Time I look at him. He is truly my heart. I am therefore without a shadow of doubt a father of two. Not a new father," Raburu asked.

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