• Eric Omondi showed a stamped tittle deed with his name. 

Eric Omondi's Karen residence
Eric Omondi's Karen residence

Comedian Eric Omondi has dismissed reports that he does not own a mansion in Karen. 

There have been reports on social media that the KSh 72 Million house unveiled by Eric Omondi on Thursday is for rent. 

It said that the house is available for rent on the famous platform Air bnb. 

In an explainer on his Instagram, Omondi dismissed the doubting Thomases showing evidence that he owns the house.

Eric Omondi showed a title deed in his name that was stamped on September 7, 2021. 

He called out the rumour mongers for having a mentality that a comedian of his calibre can not afford such an expensive house. 

Eric Omondi went ahead to accuse his political opponents of being the source of the propaganda. 

"I have worked for 14 years, who doesn't know Eric Omondi. I joined Churchil show in 2008, this is nothing, if you went to America, Kevin Hart owns 5 houses. The American culture believes that hard work pays," Eric Omondi explained. 

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