In a recent interview, Eric Omondi spoke about the car that politician Jimmy Wanjigi gave him. Mpasho asked him whether the car had been taken from another person for him to get the car? 

He said,

"As a young person, I am pushing the agenda for the young people. Jimmy saw that as I am a young man, I should use the Chrysler as it would resonate more with the target audience. So I don't even want to know whether it was for another person or not. Nimepewa na mdosi."

"No, Apana. I was given that car as part of the campaign team for Jimmy Wanjigi, definitely led by the man himself."

Why was he supporting Jimmy? "Because the country needed fresh faces to lead it. Our message is fresh for young people. You can be 98 years old but are you fresh or not? The current politicians have been around forever. It is the same cast of people."

Would he ever get into politics?

"I will never ever get into politics, it is a dirty game. I am a comedian and an entertainer for life. That is my calling and gifting for life."

What kind of threats have you gotten? "Hizi za Wakenya ni za penny mbili. But a threat is a threat. It shows that whatever we are doing is working. It encourages us to keep on working."

Have you reported to the authorities? "No, I didn't want to give them clout but I was told I have to." 

Did he know who was threatening him? "I can put one plus one and put two and two together.  Watu wengine ni washamba. Man, they can't even change their voice."

We asked him to tell us who the people threatening him were? He declined to answer saying, "Your site is too powerful and would put them in trouble in a heartbeat."

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