• Eric says he will be closely watching Jalang'o.

Eric Omondi and Jalas
Eric Omondi and Jalas
Image: Courtesy

Comedian Eric Omondi has warned Jalang'o against turning into a corrupt politician once he gets to parliament. 

Speaking to Mpasho, Eric said that he will be closely watching Jalang'o after he assumes office as the Member of Parliament for Langata. 

The comedian argued that most Kenyan Politicians are thieves, and there is need to do away with them. 

"If Jalang'o gets Langata seat and i see him getting fat and not making sense..this parliament is full of dirt and prostitution, if Jalang'o tries that nonsense, i will deal with him personally.

Bro, if you get there and change, i will deal with you. I will know if you become a thief," Eric Omondi said. 

He expressed confidence in Jalang'o's leadership, promising to support him. 

Eric further urged the Kiss FM radio presenter to join Jimi Wanjigi's 'Fagia Wote' bandwagon.

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