• Youtuber Elodie Zone says its totally normal to date and experience life.

Elodie Zone and Nviiri
Elodie Zone and Nviiri

 Youtuber Elodie Zone is advising people in their 20s to date and experience life. This is after she hinted that she might have found a new bae.

 "It’s been a beautiful fight…still…is." She wrote on Instagram

Although she is yet to confirm that this is her new man, the content creator

"Been seeing a lot of lies going around about my relationship life since my last post and so want to speak on it."

"Firstly advice for anyone in their 20's like me. We're young, curious and in our prime years. It's totally normal to date and experience life. Never let society or Twitter make you feel bad about exploring and figuring out what you like"

She revealed that she has no grudge with the people she had been seeing before.

"Secondly, there is no bad blood between me and anyone I've been with in the past. For real y'all, we all living life large with our loved ones and vibing."

Finally I'm cooling and happy for the first time in a long time BTS. Nothing can stress me or phase me at this point- not even people's opinions"

Elodie was dating Sol Generation's Nviiri The Storyteller before partying ways after a social media drama.

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