• Padi was orphaned at young age, became sickly. 

Padi Wubbon
Padi Wubbon
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David Omondi well known for his stage name Padi Wubonn has been cracking the ribs of Kenyans with his comical parodies of various songs. 

Born in Kisii County, Padi was brought up in various parts of the country and later settled in Kariobangi South.

In an interview on the Audit, Padi revealed that he was orphaned at an early age. 

Being the last-born child of a civil servant, Padi had been used to having everything at his disposal until  life took a drastic change when his father died. 

"I lost my dad while in class 7, that was 3 years after loosing my mum. Thats when i knew 'Nyaunyo ya maisha ni nini'. Life wasn't easy," he shared. 

After losing both his parents, Padi had to leave with distant relatives and it was not easy.

Just another big Joke

"You can imagine your dad had everything then you go back to zero, living with people you do not know. You are told they are your relatives. I was sickly," the comedian told Robert Alai. 

After completing his high school studies, Padi did not go to college but focused on growing his artistic skills. 

" I completed high school with a Ksh 10,000 fee arear that was difficult to raise. So I started hustling early doing music, arts, people did not believe in me but I adopted," he shared. 

The comical musician is popular for covering music hits in hilarious manners. 

Some of his biggest parody songs is Sho Madjozi's John Cena and a valentines song. 

Wanaume tukutane hapa kiasi tu

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