This morning, my colleagues and I had an interesting conversation on the desperate lengths a celeb will go to keep their name in the news and stay relevant.

Some like Ringtone and Willy Paul will use crazy and outlandish news to keep their names on their fans' and followers' names.

Others will show some skin (nvdity) especially socialites like Huddah Monroe and Amber Ray.

But while these are well-known methods among Kenyans, there is one that happens a lot among female celebs that most people subconsciously see but rarely if ever call out.

That is the fake relationship, a concept that started in Hollywood when big executives would match up a starlet with a star to create buzz around the "couple" creating buzz, publicity for whatever project the star or starlet is working on.

That tactic has been replicated in nearly every country that celeb culture exists with Africa not being left out. In East Africa, there are a few celebs who are in the habit of creating fake relationships. 

One of the biggest culprits of this trend is Zari Hassan, with the mother of 5 being arguably the most notoroius offendor.

But she isn't the only one. In Kenya, there are a few female celebs whose relationships also display the same fake traits that Zari's normally have.

What are those traits? Let's begin;

1. The relationship is made public just before Valentine's Day, the celeb's birthday, or before the launch of a product that the celeb is involved in.

2. The relationship initially has a crazy buzz for the first few weeks before suddenly fizzling out with the couple rarely been seen together again.

3. The celeb in question will never show their lover's face, begging the question as to why one wouldn't be proud to show off their lover? It might be that you or they have something to hide...

4. The celeb will normally make the relationship public ( or suddenly speak about their never seen ex) just when their ex has revealed some good news.

This is done to either outshine them, rain on their parade or show that they are also living their best lives.

5. The celeb will never give clear, concise details about their lover. Things like how they met and what their future plans are never revealed.

Do the 5 traits above fit any celeb relationship that you know about? Hmmm...I thought so.

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