"Sometimes a man will pretend they are okay with your line of work only for them to change once you start dating." -Amber Lulu

Amber Lulu
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian video vixen Amber Lulu has said the reason why most of her relationships do not work is that she is very jealous.

Lulu in the past dated Kenyan Rapper Prezzo.

Speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV, the mother of one shared, "I leave people, I am rarely left. People leave me because of drama, they have to understand I am an artist.

Sometimes a man will pretend they are OK with your line of work only for them to exchange to change once you start dating.

They can't understand why I twerk or take photos with certain people. I am a very jealous person, nikipenda nimependa.

Most of my relationships fail to work because am jealous and the men do not understand me and what I do (work)."

Amber added, "When I love I love and I cannot cheat, that is why I can count the number of men I have dated."

She is currently riding the airwaves with her new Jam umeachika, which she says is an experience everyone has gone through.

"Everyone has been left before so the song is something everyone has experienced."

What's one trait you have that makes your relationships fail?

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