• Amber Ray says she considers mature men in her life and that she loves big family.

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray made headlines for a few months after a highly dramatic relationship with businessman Jimal Rohosafi.

The two have since parted ways according to the socialite.

Well, in a recent Q and A session with her fans, the mother of one said they are on good terms.

While asked to explain what motivates her and how she handles social media trolls, Amber said she knows who she is.

She also said she considers mature men in her life and that she loves a big family.

"Turning 30, soon are you proud of the achievements you have? Honestly, I am proud of myself... just that I thought by now I would have four more kids. I love a big family."

Another fan asked if she will ever get married. Amber Ray said she hopes so but it's not a must. 

"I am single and not searching. I just want to continue securing the bag."

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