Jalang'o says he has washed off his hands-on working with media max.

The radio host cum MC says he was so frustrated working at the company that he wonders how people who are still working there survive.

Speaking during an interview with Robert Alai, he shared,

"Those people are talent killers.

It's good when you join but later nobody wants to listen nor pay you.

Have you seen how many times they have tried to rebrand?

See Betty Kyallo for example she resigned on air because she was struggling.

I washed my hands, that night we were being fired.

I had received around 8 calls immediately after I resigned, Patrick Quarcoo (CEO of Radio Africa) called me to come back home."

Despite not enjoying working for Mediamax management, Jalang'o says he loved working with Jeff Koinange.

"Working with Jeff Koinange was like meeting the real star when you have always thought you are one.

Everything you talk about he has already experienced.

He always talks about reality throughout.

You say something about America and he asks where exactly in America."


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