Eric Omondi and Amber Ray are heating up social media after they posted a video of themselves flirting.

In the video, the two can be heard calling each other babe ad nauseam as if they have been dating for eons.

Amber is heard inquiring about where Eric has been saying that she wondered if he was with another woman?

He comforts her telling her that she is his only 'babe". Thereafter they start telling each sweet nothings as people in the background start gassing the two up about the "Mapenzi" they have for each other.

Their interaction is below with Eric's words being in Italics and Amber's the normal way;

Hey babe.

Vile umeacha hapa people on waiting, my new guy.

Nimeweka watu sana. How are you baby? 

Hi, how are you? I am fine. 

Let me seat at an angle that you can see me well.

Kifua babe, kifua. Nawaambia tumeenda international. We have gone to United Kisumu nahawaamini. Unakaa vizuri! Unakaa vizuri!! Eh!!

Unakaa poa sana babe. Nimekumiss.

Hata mimi nimekumiss. Vile umedelay kuja live mpaka nikashindwa kama unamtu mwingine? 

Babe hapana. Ni wewe tu. Nilikuwa ninakimbia home. You're looking good. I can't wait to see you. 

What are you doing? Are you high?

Our drink babe...Our drink.

After their interaction, some of the people in the background can be heard praising the "love" they were witnessing. "Mapenzi tamu jamani."

Check out the video below:

To the untrained eye, it looks like flirting is going on between the lovers, but it is most likely an ad for an alcohol company methinks.

But whatever the case, the two seem to be having a ball seductively chatting each other up.

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