Frankie JustGymIt and Corazon Kwamboka are not only a great couple but they are also friends with each other.

Someone can see this easily with the way they interact with each other online and social media. Just a few moments ago, the couple reminded their fans and followers of this fact, after Frankie had posted an eyebrow-raising post where he described Corazon as a sidekick.

His caption on Instagram read, "Networking with my sidekick." Sadly, some Kenyans either can't read good or just love trolling as some misinterpreted the word sidekick as side chick. 

(Sidekick for those of you not blessed with a fundamental knowledge of the Queen's Engish means;

"Is a slang expression for a close companion or colleague who is, or is generally regarded as, subordinate to the one they accompany.")

Corazon was quick to comment on the post as some Kenyans had already started reading too much into the post, as explained above.

Her smart and tension-releasing comment read, "Most people here don’t know the difference between sidekick and sidechick ushamba itawakill. But Frankie for you; I’d be both with pleasure."

Not only did she take the sting and fire out of the comments, she also agreed and amplified the dig from trolls. She showed that she didn't care what people think or say about her as long as she is with her beau, Frankie.

That's what you call ride or die...

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