Saumu Mbuvi has already found the next man that she will marry. Yep, the former Nairobi governor's daughter disclosed this in a Q and A today.

Saumu was asked by a fan, "Do you look forward to getting married?" She responded ecstatically saying that not only did she want to get married but that she had already established who her spouse would be.

"Of course yes, I even know whom it will be already," she wrote.

This will come as surprise to many as Saumu who is normally very bubbly and showy about her relationships has kept this man hidden.

Maybe this time Saumu wants to be cautious and do things differently. Saumu as many of you might remember has had 3 famous relationships that all ended with no marriage at the end.

Saumu Mbuvi
Image: Courtesy

Her last with Lamu senator, Anwar Loitiptip was arguably her most stressful. Earlier this year we found out that the two had split up when Saumu accused Anwar of being physically abusive.

The politician didn't deny the allegation but said that it had happened once and only because he was dealing with her bipolar nature.

Since then, Anwar has moved on to Saumu's former friend, Aeedah Bambi, and the two even got married a few months later.

Senator Anwar and his wife Aeedah Bambi
Image: Courtesy

Don't forget Saumu and Anwar were supposed to get married last year after they got a baby together!

Talk about a kick in the chin for Saumu. That early 2021 has been bad for the socialite, relationship-wise, is not in doubt, what's in doubt is how she'll finish it.

Let's just hope that her recent revelation about knowing her future hubby isn't hot air but something real that we can all celebrate in the future.

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