•Mary Hongo died after she developed breathing difficulties and collapsed.

DJ Evolve

Mother to DJ Evolve is dead.

Mary Hongo died on Wednesday evening after she developed breathing difficulties and collapsed.

Her death comes as a blow to her family as her son DJ Evolve has been bedridden for almost two years.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho on the death of his wife, DJ Evolves dad Mr Orinda shared,

"She passed away around 5:00 pm. People just walk around not knowing they are sick. She fainted at her shop in Lucky Summer and was taken to the hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.


Adding, "I had gone to work only to be called and to find out she had passed on. Her body will be moved from Mama Lucy hospital to Chiromo Mortuary."

"Mama ametuwacha tuu hivyo abruptly," he mourned.

May she rest in peace.

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