Felix Odiwour aka Jalang'o had an interesting interview with Robert Alai that dropped today evening. The two spoke on many topics affecting the Kiss100 presenter's life.

One of those was his political ambitions. The comedian has stated in the past that he wants to run for the Lang'ata MP seat in the coming 2022 elections.

In his conversation with political activist, Mr. Alai, Jalas revealed that the initial cost of the campaign might go above Ksh. 50 million!

"I was just talking with my team the other day and we were talking about how much this campaign could easily cost us. We were almost getting to Ksh 50 million."

"Very possible in Nairobi," Alai interjected in agreement. 

"Easily at Ksh 50 million because we were talking about the number of voters and wards in my constituency Lang'ata. Say t-shirts alone...You want at least 1000 people to wear them in each ward. I have 157,ooo voters. So if you are able to reach at least 50% of that we are talking about crazy money," Jalang'o added.

"Where are you going to get the Ksh 50 million, cause that is the amount of money you will make as salary during your term?" Alai asked.

Jalang'o's answer was one most Kenyans would like to hear from their leaders. He replied,

"This thing is not about what you're going to get or where you are going to get the money. It gets to a point where leadership and the position you get yourself into, require that you give more."

Before reiterating that he was looking at leadership as something where he expects to give more than he will get back.

"Him that much has been given, much is expected. Could be a big loss but the most important thing in life is the number of people you will have touched during your period as their leader."

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