• They were working on a new TV series weeks before Papa Shirandula died. 

Wilbroda and the late Papa Shirandula
Wilbroda and the late Papa Shirandula
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Actress Jacqueline Nyaminde, famously known for her stage name Wilbroda has opened up on losing her mentor, Papa Shirandula last year. 

According to Wilbroda, they were working on a new TV series weeks before Papa Shirandula died. 

"We were working on a new series called 'Mzee ni wewe' and Papa had brought legendary artists to work with him. I would go to work-then to the set at Karen," Wilbroda shared. 

They had shot 5 episodes of the series and were finalising on editing when Papa Shirandula fell ill. 

Speaking during an interview, Wilbroda shared how the news of Papa's death was delivered to her. 

"I saw him on Thursday, my son saw him on Friday because we live in the same estate. I was in a supermarket shopping on Saturday then a call came from 'Eunice wa papa'. 

She was crying, saying that Papa is dead. I told her 'Lemme call you back'. I went to the counter and cried 

When I went to my vehicle, it was one phone call after another. That was so heartbreaking," she recalled. 

One day before his death, Papa Shirandula had met Wilbroda's son. 

When she broke the news to her son, he said that Papa Shirandula was very okay when they met. 

During his last days, Wilbroda says Papa Shirandula was very happy and chilled. 

Papa Shirandula used to be Wilbroda's on-set spouse in most plays. He died in July 2020 due to Coronavirus complications.

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