'Somali Bae' Alinur quits helping people

• Alinur said he receives negative energy every time he shares a story on how he has helped someone. 

Alinur Mohamed
Image: Moses Mwangi

Politician Alinur Mohamed aka 'Somali Bae' is disappointed with Kenyans who criticize him whenever he helps someone. 

For this reason, the politician says that he has put an end to helping anyone. 

Instead, he is going to focus his energy on the Kasarani Constituency, where he hopes to become the Member of parliament in 2022. 

In a rant on his social media, Alinur said he receives negative energy every time he shares a story on how he has helped someone. 

He wrote;

"Kenyans never appreciate whenever one helps those who need help. People are very fast to always talk shit but they are never there when someone needs help.

I have helped so many people across the country regardless of their tribe, religion, political affiliation, age, and gender off Camera.

From today henceforth, I am not going to extend a helping hand to anyone, instead, I am going to focus and listen to what the people of Kamukunji Constituency want me to do for them."

On Friday, the 'Somali Bae' shared that he had met the viral Mitumba seller, Sande Mayau. 

He announced that he will treat him to holiday vacation, and pay his rent for 6 months. 

This attracted negative reactions from his fans, who accused Alinur of being an opportunist and helping people for the show. 

A fan told Alinur;

"This guy was making his money kipooole. Now attention seekers have trooped in with temporary cash which might end up disorganizing the guy.

If you really wanted to help, vacation is not what the guy has been working for, you would have either opened a huge boutique for him or empower him in line with his passion." 

The comment sparked a debate, and days later Alinur declared an end to helping Kenyans.

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