• Jalang'o once had a club where his employees almost milked him dry.

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Ever been stolen from by your employees?

Jalang'o has shared his personal experience saying he once had a club where his employees almost milked him dry.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, he shared

"Shaffie Weru big Ted and I opened a club called 'The vault' on Baricho road. Ukiona kwa CCTV kuna a table with a bottle of a black label and 13 people drinking." Said Jalas.

He added,

Ukipiga hesabu they say they sold only two bottles. Kumbe these guys are running a small pub within your club.

This guy anakuja kazi asubuhi kumbe he's running receipts that he'll dish later to customers. Anachoma mbuzi yake na makaa yako.

Jalas went on to narrate how one rogue employee even went ahead and forged his signature on a cheque but good thing the bank notified him and his plans failed.

The bubbly radio host was sharing his experience after a video of an unidentified Kenyan man on how employees steal from their employers went viral.

"There are lies being circulated that there are no jobs in Kenya.

There are jobs in Kenya there are no people to do jobs.

You buy a lorry and give someone to work with it and people who come for interviews are drunkards.

2 months into the job he starts siphoning oil and selling all the lorry parts.

You end up failing to pay for the loan you bought the lorry on and end up being auctioned.

You bring a lady from ushago to work at your Mpesa shop and they end up stealing all your float after 2 weeks.

You buy a matatu and the driver ends up colluding with the police to rob you. There are no professionals in Kenya.

You employee someone and they come to work at 9:00 very drunk you can't even trust them," he partly said.

Have you ever been robbed by your employees? Check out the video below.

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