• Guardian says people want to bring down his label. 

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
Image: Courtesy

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has revealed that there are people trying to bring his record label down.

According to the singer, there are evil persons who are inciting artistes against his  'Seven heaven' record label.  

In an interview with Plug TV, Guardian said that the people want to bring down his label like they did with Bahati's EMB records

"They are there in boxes and DM's trying to tell these people 'stop working with this guy.' It is evil, and they want to extend their rot into ours, this one we can not allow," Guardian Angel remarked.

The singer says he has tried to confront some of the 'evil' persons whose aim is to bring the Gospel industry down.

"It is not possible to bring me down, this one you can't stop. The gospel music does not belong to me, I am an individual vessel. You can not start fighting me, just a vessel. You can not try to pull me down," he said. 

The Kuongozwa hitmaker admitted that the Gospel industry in Kenya, and all over the world is currently not doing well. 

He says apart from Timi Dakolo's Everything there is no other gospel song that has been a hit this year.

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