Bahati was/will always be a controversial musician, something he seems to not only thrive on but grow from.

The singer is in the news again after posting a video of himself vaping as he brags about simultaneously being the top gospel and secular musician in Kenya.

His caption read, "Just One Puff to Celebrate being the Top Gospel Artist and Top in Secular at the Same Time in Kenya; Humbled. Verified research."

Check out the video below:

Many fans commented on the seeming disconnect between what he was doing and what he was saying.

One, in particular, warned him about his impending death if he kept on "mocking" God, writing, "God ako na plan yako soon RIP this a mockery."

Some of the other comments are below:


Aki huyu ni God unacheze, mimi mahali amenitoa siezi aki

Hujui kutumia vape.

Na ati ulikua unaimbia God...aki wewe baha, pesa wewe

Mungu hapendi mchanganyo .. we hujui unafanya nn. Acha kufurahisha walimwengu.

Acha kuenjoy mungu jaman.

When will u find yourself?

You will turn into a pillar of salt ....wewe cheza tu na mungu

Enda ukazimie ukililia uko mbaliii. Saaa naniii anafunza huyuu iziii vitu

In fact, you should be the gospel chairman. Ringtone ajiuzulu.

This incident comes a day after gospel musician Ringtone called out Bahati at Mr. Seed's album launch.

It got so bad, that at one point, it looked like Bahati had pushed Ringtone as if he was ready to get into a fight with him.

In Kenya, the gospel industry has more beefs than the secular industry!

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