• Met Gala is a huge deal in the Hollywood fashion industry. 

Elsa Majimbo
Elsa Majimbo
Image: Forbes Publicity

Elsa Majimbo has made a request video to the Met Gala, asking for an invite to this year's event. 

The self-proclaimed international bragger said,

"I am headed to America and I want to attend the Met Gala. How hard is it to get in? I know you need to be iconic to attend so we already know I'm overqualified."

Elsa added; "My official pitch to Met Gala to let a real one on the carpet."

The MET is formally called Costume Institute Gala or the Costume Institute Benefit is an annual fundraising gala.

We all know that A-listers would find any excuse to hold a soiree where they get to dress up.

Hollywood's designers, celebrities, models convene and dress according to the year's theme.

To get invited to the Met one needs to have a 'buzz' and achievement, this is by Vogue's Anna Wintour (Chairperson of the Met) who gets the final say over the attendees.

It is a huge deal in the Hollywood fashion industry and I would see why Elsa would want to attend as it is the equivalent of the Oscars.

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